Can I extend my booking?

              If you haven't started your trip yet, you can change your dates. Any changes you make to your booking will probably change the price. Once you've picked your bike up, please contact the bike hire company directly if you want to extend your booking. If you drop the bike off later than arranged, the bike hire company will charge you a late fee.

Can I upgrade my bike?

              Yes, you can upgrade your bike before you start your trip. Go to 'Manage booking' at the top of the screen. Enter your email and reservation number to login then go to ‘Change Your Booking’ and choose a different type of bike and etc. Changing the bike will change the price.

              Sometimes, the counter staff will offer you an upgrade when you go to pick up your bike. If you decide to upgrade at the counter, you will pay the bike hire company directly.

How do I change my pick-up or drop-off times?

              We can try to change the time you pick up or drop off your bike, right up to an hour before your pick-up time. It does depend on what is available.

              Go to 'Manage booking' -> ‘Change Your Booking’ to update the times.

              If you change your booking in any way, it is likely that the price will change. Sometimes, changing the timing means we have to cancel one bike and book another one.

How do I cancel my booking?

              To cancel your booking.

              Go to 'Manage booking'  -> ‘Cancel Booking’

              If you need to change your plans but still want to hire a car, you can go to 'Manage booking' and amend your booking instead.

What is the cancellation policy?

If you cancel "more than" 48 hours before your rental is due to start, you will receive a full refund (Net off payment fee).

If you cancel "less than" 48 hours before your rental is due to start, you will receive a 50% refund (Net off payment fee).

If you cancel "after" your rental is due to start, you will receive no refund.

If you do not pick up the bike (usually called a ‘no-show’), you will receive no refund.

              Bike hire companies call it a ‘no-show’ when you do not pick the bike up because (for example): You do not arrive at the arranged date and time, you do not have the right documents, or you’re not eligible for the rental, or the main driver does not have a credit card with enough credit for the deposit.

              Some bike hire companies also have their own cancellation policy, which you’ll find in the terms & conditions of your booking.