Why has the bike hire company charged me?

              There are a few reasons why the bike hire company might charge you direct.

              After your hire, the bike hire company may charge you for refuelling, parking tickets, fines or damage to the vehicle.

              They should list any charges on the paperwork they give you (although some fines and parking tickets might arrive later).

Can I get a refund if I returned my bike early?

              Unfortunately we can’t refund you for any part of your hire that you don’t use.

              This is because we will have committed to the whole booking on your behalf, and the bike hire company will have been expecting the bike to be used for the whole period. They will have planned their bikes and parking needs around the original booking.

What if I have queries after my rental is finished?

              Please send us an email at customersservice@rentalbike.com, enter your booking details, and we’ll response back to you ASAP.